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Art for me is like a meditation, a silent conversation with self. It’s a means by which I see things more clearly. Spontaneity, unpredictability, and self-discovery in making the artwork constantly excite me!

I am an avid painter, illustrator, and urban sketcher.

On one hand, my work is capturing the energy or mood of a place or event and presenting it to the audience to have them connect to the subject more closely as if it’s an integral part of their life. On the other hand, it’s a portrait of human emotions underneath our daily struggle for survival or mundane day-to-day activities. In today's world of technological advancement, I feel we as a species are losing touch with our surroundings, our environment, and our fellow human beings. The real connection or intimacy is missing. That's what I try to present to the audience and have them take a step back from their busy life and explore their surroundings fully. I use charcoal, ink pen, watercolor to create the artworks and try to use minimum media/material to keep it simple without impacting the message they convey.

My art process begins with location scouting, a place or event I can connect with, at a deeper emotional level, searching for a deeper message it conveys. The next step is a rough outline of the subject matter followed by working in layers of details as per the point of interest in artwork. All this is done on location followed by final touches and finishing the work in the studio. The on-location aspect makes the artwork more lively and energetic. My artwork is unique for capturing the essence and details of the subject matter in a unique way as if audiences are seeing the beauty of next-door street for the very first time.

Since last more than a decade I have been painting, drawing, sketching, teaching, exhibiting, learning, sharing, and inspiring the community. Also, I teach meditation and breathing techniques for the overall well-being of all individuals.

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